The Fawsley Seasons

By Bill James

Bill James
Bill James was born in the Northamptonshire village of Greens Norton in 1926. He has lived in Northamptonshire all his life and has greatly enjoyed experiencing Northamptonshire scenery and wildlife whenever occasion allowed, from camping trips to Newton Blossomville on the river Ouse as a boy, to cups of coffee in quiet lay-bys while working as a travelling 'rep' for Travis and Arnold builders' merchants. Throughout this time Fawsley Park near Daventry has probably remained his favourite place, being the subject of many trips, both alone and with family or friends. The book on this website comprises reminiscences of Fawsely Park in diary form. The book is illustrated with Bill's original sketches and watercolours (completed shortly before the onset of Macular Degeneration made such things increasingly difficult and latterly impossible), and with excerpts from the poetry of Northamptonshire poet John Clare. It is a personal celebration of this small area of English countryside.

Jon James

2nd February 2011

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